Ridin’, Ropin‘ and Paintin‘


     I was born January 19, 1945.  I have been very fortunate to have spent most of my days pursuing my passions of riding, roping and painting.  These are things I have called my occupations.  I have always had to work hard to keep them in perspective with my most valuable possessions; my God, my country and my family, who have allowed me to pursue these sidelines.  I try to blend them all into a simple art form with the most serious practice of fundamentals.


    Riding is always a joy and is my favorite place to exercise, meditate and study my painting subjects.  Something about dancing with a horse sure keeps my mind and body alive. I have always felt like a king on a horse, any horse, some certainly more humbling than others.  Needless to say, I have bit the dust as many times as any, but never felt it was more than a learning process.  Riding has enjoyed as many different schools of thought as roping and painting. 


    Roping never cease’s to fascinate me and all forms of rope magic are infatuating.  It is a tool and a mighty handy one in the hands of a rope artist.  I am always amazed at the rope horse and his ability to comprehend the task at hand.  Most become very willing and even excited at the possibility of roping something.  Another lifelong project of man and horse is using the cow for an excuse, or taking it one step further, using it to create an individual art form.


    Life is painting and painting is life.  No reason to do one without the other.  Both are considerable endeavors, but the genuine rewards of each are worth it.  Sharing your life and your art are what takes you places that are worth telling about later.  As my good friend Wally said, “Come on, Mike, it will make a good story.”  My life has been painting since school, or maybe before, and it is even more exciting today then ever before.  I am thankful to have my health, my art and my wife Anne.